Thursday, December 16, 2010

We salute U !!

It has been three years from now , we realize the impact of; the most shocking incident that reminds our prevailing security system. Mumbai attack 2008 still will be a wound in our heart..

The day we pay our tribute,respect,affection to those who has shed their life for safeguarding us.. but a question still remains are we secure ???

Time to think, rethink and lets get united to strenghthen ;our security, infrastructure & try to build a better Mumbai rather than making it Shanghai...

Who says we are far back..who wants a Shanghai ,if we have Mumbai - city that never sleeps, the risen city, a city which may get along with any though situation and get back to its daily life..amazingly its AMCHI MUMBAI.lets pay tribute to the spirit of Mumbai .WE SALUTE U !!

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